These are Opuntias that are small or bloom well while small. They may make excellent pot plants.

Opuntia eburnispina

Britton and Rose, The Cactaceae vol IV, 260. 1923 Herbarium What is Opuntia eburnispina? Opuntia eburnispina is a rarely found prickly pear cactus from Cape Romano, Florida. It may be related to O. humifusa or O. austrina. Some botanists consider that O. burnispina is a variant of O. austrina.  Details O. burnispina is prostrate, widely branched …

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Opuntia abjecta

Small ex Britton and Rose, The Cactaceae, Descriptions and Illustrations of Plants of the Cactus Family 4: 257, 1923 Herbarium; Herbarium What is Opuntia abjecta? Opuntia abjecta is a prickly pear cactus that occurs in the lower Florida Keys where it grows on bare limestone or where a bit of sand or humus has accumulated. …

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Opuntia fusco-atra

Engelman. Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 3: 297, 1856 Herbarium (as O. nemoralis/macatee); Drawing (Drawings/prints associated with USPRR reports & photographs/archival material; plate XI) See the original description.  

Opuntia atrocapensis

Small, Manual of the Southeastern Flora 905, 1933 Herbarium What is Opuntia atrocapensis? Opuntia atrocapensis is a prickly pear cactus known from the sand dunes of Monroe County, FL. The type specimen (herbarium specimen) has never been found. Some botanists consider that O. atrocapensis is synonymous with O. astrispina. Details O. atrocapensis forms prostrate, much-branched plants, sometimes …

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Opuntia mesacantha

Rafinesque, Bulletin Botanique 1: 216, 1830 (Also Opuntia mesacantha Raf ssp mesacantha Majure) See O. cespitosa    See O. humifusa    See O. lata Neotype; Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium; Hebarium (as O. humifusa); Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium   What is Opuntia mesacantha? Opuntia mesacantha is a southeastern prickly pear found in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida and adjacent …

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Opuntia xanthoglochia

Griffiths, Annual Report of the Missouri Botanical Garden 21: 166, 1910 Holotype; Painting (Mary Emily Eaton); Painting (Mary Emily Eaton) What is Opuntia xanthoglochia? Opuntia xanthoglochia is a prickly pear cactus cactus found in central Texas, east of Austin although it may range into other areas. Details O. xanthoglochia resembles O. macrorhiza, and the cactus …

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Opuntia cespitosa

Rafinesque, Bulletin Botanique 2: 216, 1830 Neotype; Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium (as O. humifusa); Herbarium (with O. nemoralis); Herbarium (as humifusa); Herbarium (as humifusa); Herbarium (as O. humifusa); Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium (as O. humifusa); Herbarium See O. humifusa   See O. lata    See O. mesacantha What is Opuntia cespitosa? Opuntia cespitosa is a prickly pear included in the O. humifusa group of cacti (O.

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Opuntia diploursina

Stock, Hussey, and Beckstrom, Cactus and Succulent Journal (U.S.) 86(2): 35, 2014 Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium Similar to Opuntia trichophora What is Opuntia diploursina? Opuntia diploursina was described from near Meadview, AZ. It has similarities with O. polyacantha erinacea and O. trichophora.  Details O. diploursina grows to about 45 cm tall with upright branches of 1-4(6) …

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Opuntia nemoralis

Griffiths, Monatsschrift fur Kakteenkunde 23: 133, 1913 Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium (with O. cespitosa); Herbarium; Herbarium (with O. cespitosa); Herbarium (with O. cespitosa); Herbarium; Herbarium by Joe Shaw and Barry Snow What is Opuntia nemoralis? Opuntia nemoralis is a southern Midwest prickly pear that has been observed in saline prairies, sandhills, and shale outcrops in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. …

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Opuntia columbiana

Griffiths, Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 43: 523, 1916 Lectotype; Lectotype; Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium; Herbarium What is Opuntia columbiana? Opuntia columbiana is a prickly pear cactus that occurs in northeast Oregon and southeast Washington. Opuntia columbiana is referred to as O. × columbiana by some botanists (Anderson, 2001) who maintain that this Opuntia is a …

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