Opuntia xanthoglochia

Griffiths, Annual Report of the Missouri Botanical Garden 21: 166, 1910

Opuntia xanthoglochia is found in central TX, east of Austin although it may range into other areas. The plants resemble O. macrorhiza and the species has been conflated with that species. The plant is prostrate to 8- to 12-inches tall. Large plants may be 3-ft across. The cladodes are oval or obovate and may be more or less pointed at both ends. Cladodes may be 4-inches across and up to 5(6)-inches long. O. xanthoglochia has yellowish glochids, sometimes numerous and prominent and up to 3/8-inch long. The flowers are yellow with a red centers. See the original description. Unlike O. macrorhiza, O. xanthoglochia is diploid.

See the scientific paper.

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