Opuntia ochrocentra

Kunkel ex Britton and Rose, The Cactaceae; Descriptions and Illustrations of Plants of the Cactus Family 4: 262–263. 1923

Lectotype; Herbarium; Herbarium

Original Description

What is Opuntia ochrocentra?

Opuntia ochrocentra is a small- to medium-sized prickly pear cactus from the Florida Keys. (All pictures provided by Danny Green.)


The pads of O. ochrocentra are elliptic to oval or even obovate, 10-30 cm long. There are 5-6 yellow spines in many of the prominent areoles. Spines are reflexed. 

Flowers are yellow with few petals, and the obovoid fruit is red, about 2 cm long. 

Ploidy is unknown. 

Other Notes

The type specimen was collected on the southeastern end of Big Pine, Key, Florida. The original description indicates that the taxon is related to O. dillenii but that it differs in the shape of the joints and in the possession of strongly reflexed, scarcely flattened spines.