Opuntia charlestonensis

Clokey, Madrono 7(3): 71, 1943

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Opuntia charlestonensis occurs from about 6,000 to 8,000 ft on Mt Charleston, NV. It is proposed to be a hybrid population between O. phaeacantha and O. polyacantha erinacea (O. xcharlestonensis). Despite its hybrid origins, it seems to reproduce locally, perhaps clonally. Plants may be 12- to 15-inches tall and over 3-ft across; they are often prostrate. Cladodes are 4- to 8-inches long and 3- to 4-inches wide. Spines are light in color. O. charlestonensis has yellow or canary-yellow flowers that darken late on the day of anthesis; there may be a blush of red in the flower centers.  It is only known from Kyle Canyon on Mt. Charleston, NV. See the original descriptionO. charlestonensis is pentaploid.