Opuntia curvospina

Opuntia curvospina
Opuntia curvospina

Griffiths, Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 43: 88, 1916

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Opuntia curvospina is mentioned in the literature with 2 spellings, curvospina and curvispina. The original spelling by Griffiths (cited here) was curvospina. O. curvospina has been described as a nothospecies. However, these prickly pears constitute a reproducing and widespread group of cacti, and we consider it to be a discrete species herein. See the original description. O. curvospina is tetraploid.

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Opuntia curvospina is found in AZ (greater Kingman area and north) and adjacent portions of NV and CA. It may be found in deep sandy or gravelly soils. The authors have observed it growing alongside Yucca brevifolia north of Kingman, AZ. The plants have a “look” reminiscent of O. chlorotica, but they are also quite different. Most plants found are shrubby and not tree like though very old plants may be over 6-ft tall. Pads are generally round and 6- to 8-inches across. The multiple spines per areole are generally yellow; darkening at the base and 1- to 2-inches long. They spread in all directions.

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