Opuntia gomei

Griffiths, Annual Report of the Missouri Botanical Garden 21: 167, 1910

Holotype; Holotype (submitted as O. laxiflora); IsotypeIsotype (submitted as O. laxiflora); Herbarium (submitted as O. lindheimeri)


Opuntia gomei is found near the coast of southern TX and inland 100 miles or more. O.  gomei is common near the Rio Grande River but may occur inland on the South Texas Plains. Plants may form large shrubs 3- or 4-ft tall and up to 10-ft across. Old plants often contain dead material in the centers. Large cladodes may by 12 inches or more in diameter. The pads are often scalloped. The flowers are  red, red-orange or yellow. A spineless variety called ‘Old Mexico’ is known in the nursery trade; it forms large shrubs and, like the species, has large cladodes.  O. gomei is synonymous with O. laxiflora and has been conflated with O. lindheimeri, O. alta, and O. orbiculata. See the original description.

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