Invasive Opuntia Weeds

Prickly Pear Weeds Prickly pear cactus weeds are invasive and unwanted aliens in many environments. There is the potential for Opuntia invasion in many warm and dry parts of the world such as Australia and Africa. The most serious prickly pear weeds appear to be O. dillenii, O. stricta, and O. ficus indica, but other invasive … Read moreInvasive Opuntia Weeds

Opuntia References

Introduction Multiple references were consulted during the construction of this prickly pear website–Opuntia Web. There are countless confusing references about cacti in general and opuntias in particular; there are often many names that refer to the same species of cactus. We worked our way through them to decide Opuntia names. Generally, we chose names that … Read moreOpuntia References